Breakdown: Hey tough guy, youve been in a coma for a while and barely remembered what happened to you the last few nights. Then one day, people are looking to kill you because of something inside you. You dont know what it is yet, but you sure as hell dont want it. Breakdown is looking to immerse gamers into a new field of gaming, first person shooters with hand to hand combat. But does this game live up to the hype that was built around it?

Altec Lansing FX-6021 Stereo Speaker System: In the world of 5.1+ Systems, there are still some people out there that prefer the stereo sound experience. With everyone focusing on multiple speaker system, Altec Lansing chooses to produce a killer 2.1 system that would defeat anything out there in its class and possibly set itself in a class on its own. Featuring the new In Concert technology, Altec Lansing is looking to prefect a new standard in Stereo sound. But are the speakers actually an audiophiles dream?

Krillian Hex - Jan. 12, 09
Tork: Prehistoric Punk Shipped

Ubisoft, today announced that Tork: Prehistoric Punk has shipped in North America for the Microsoft Xbox....

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Krillian Hex - Dec. 24, 1:10 am
Happy Holidays from XboxGaming

I would like to take this time out to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Years, from the folks at XboxGaming. Be safe....

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Krillian Hex - Nov. 11, 7:05 am
3 Flavors of Xbox 2

The Inquirer has reported that Microsoft may release 3 versions of the upcoming Xbox 2 unit. So when going to buy this new console, you'll have an option to select a standard unit ranging to a mini-PC style Xbox....

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Krillian Hex - Oct. 28, 7:14 am
Playboy: The Mansion New Box Art

ARUSH Publishing and Groove Games has releaed the final box art for their upcoming lifestyle simulation, Playboy: The Mansion. Sexy, eh? Check inside for the goods....

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Krillian Hex - Oct. 28, 7:05 am
Snoop Dogg's Exclusive Remix on NFS: Underground 2

Electronic Arts is happy to announce that Snoop Dogg's remix of The Doors' legendary rock song, "Riders On the Storm," will be featured in Need For Speed Underground 2. This is one of many tunes that will blaze your ears after November 15th. Details inside....

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Krillian Hex - Oct. 28, 7:01 am
A Friendly Reminder from Blinx

Your favorite time-shifting character, Blinx, has sent an update regarding the upcoming Daylight Savings Switch. Blinx is the main character of the self-titled game, Blinx 2: Masters of Time & Space. Details inside....

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Krillian Hex - Oct. 28, 6:56 am
More Halo 2 Midnight Madness

With advertising at its highest for the most anticipated game for the past 3 years, Halo 2 will be having a Midnight Madness sale of their game release. Check inside for details on how you can get your copy a day early....

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Krillian Hex - Oct. 28, 6:52 am
Lord of the Rings: The Third Age Gone Golden

Electronic Arts is pleased to announce that its upcoming title, The Lord of the Rings, The Third Age has gone gold and is scheduled to ship Nov.2, 2004....

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Krillian Hex - Oct. 28, 6:51 am
MTV Special on Making of Halo 2

MTV and MTV2 will be featuring a special in regards to the "Making of Video Game: Halo 2." The premiere will be feature Friday, November 5th. More details about the show time inside. Cable or Satellite is obviously required....

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Krillian Hex - Oct. 28, 6:49 am
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon 2 Official Website Live

Ubisoft has sent word that that the official website for Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon 2 is now live and kicking. Get the latest info, screenshots and more on their website. Link inside....

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Krillian Hex - Oct. 28, 6:46 am
Outrun 2 Available Now

Microsoft Game Studios announced that Outrun 2 is now available for purchase across North America for only $39.99. Hop into your Ferraris, and let loose on the dry pavement....

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